Best friends for life, I'd say?


goshh, it's been so long since my last post.
too much happening in life for me to write up stuff that don't seems to be relevant for the whole wide world to know.
anyway, well not that satu dunia akan baca blog ni pun kan, duhh nisa duhh haha

so lemme just tell you about my two best friends.
i've not had enough time to hang with them anymore since we all go to different universities in different states.
luckily, everyone is still in malaysia.
or else we'll be seeing each other in another ten years haha

so these are my babies.
tak ada gambar bertiga sebab tak pernah lagi setakat ni terjadi kitorang cuti sekali.
i know i know, it was sad.

my definition of best friends is this :

best friend is more than just being there when you're sad,
or laugh together when things get so hilarious,
or making a mess together,
or mengumpat orang orang lain yang kita tak suka sama sama(ok ni jangan buat haha)
or calling your groups with cool chick names and all,

it's also about getting something to achive together,
sharing every inch of moments, good or bad,
being mad at each other when things get a little intense,
and correcting each other when mistakes are done.

you don't call someone your bestfriend until you are able to tell them what you think,
what they're doing wrong,
and accept what they're telling you.

so these, is what my best friends are like.


Kenapa Hidup Tak Pernah Mudah?


it has been a while since i'm here anyway.
being here used to be a lot of fun.
just a short one for today.
Happy 2015 for me!

pernah terasa.
pernah terfikir, atau pernah tertanya tanya, kenapa hidup ni susah nak berpihak pada kita?

well you see,
i've been wondering this too.
since last year was a very tough year for me, i keep on thinking,
kenapa susah sangat aku nak senang?
kenapa orang lain can be happy by the way they are?
while i am here doing every thing to keep myself happy yet sometimes i still got stumble around.


one day i've come across this kinda quote on twitter.
"Kalau dunia itu dicipta sentiasa indah, nescaya kita takkan bermimpikan syurga."

you see.
hidup ni dicipta sebagai ujian pada kita.
either we succeed or fail the test.
to succeed all you have to do is believe.
kepada siapa?
the best planner, Tuhan yang Maha Besar.
meminta dan berharap pada bantuanNya.
mengadu pada Dia.
syurga itu untuk orang hebat.
so, jadilah sehebat mungkin di dunia, dengan cara, jadi kuat apabila diuji olehnya.

it's our job to live our life to the fullest.
what comes around, what beats you up, what tears you apart, it is part of life.
without those element in your life, you would be wandering around thinking of how life could have been better with some flavor.
instead of just the same plain feeling everyday.
macam makan aiskrim.
baskin robbin. :)

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